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IBRA Resident Course

Basic Principles in Foot & Ankle Surgery

Course is postponed
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020
Division: Lower Limbs
Location: Sapporo, Japan
Language: Japanese
Participants: 20
Level: Resident
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Prof. Dr. Ozeki Satoru, Koshigaya, Japan
Assist Professor Dr. Teramoto Atsushi, Sapporo, Japan

Faculty (in alphabetical order)

Lecturer Assist Professor Dr. Abe Satomi, Asahikawa Medical University, Asahikawa
Professor Kumai Tsukasa, Waseda University, School of Sport Sciences, Tokyo
Dr. Kura Hideji, Hitsujigaoka Hospital, Sapporo
Lecturer Dr. Ogawa Masato, Dokkyo Medical University, Saitama Medical Center
Dr. Okada Hirokazu, Okada Orthop. Hospital, Niigata
Professor Dr. Ozeki Satoru, Dokkyo Medical University, Saitama Medical Center
Professor Stuckenborg-Colsmann Christina,
Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery, Hanover, Germany
Assist Professor Dr. Teramoto Atsushi, Sapporo Medical University, Sapporo
Associate Professor Yoshimura Ichiro, Fukuoka Medical University, Fukuoka


Course Fee incl. Tax

  Seminar & Workshop Seminar only

IBRA Full Member

USD 220 USD 50

Non- / Basic Member (IBRA)

USD 440 USD 100


USD 340 USD 80


Educational hours

Theoretical Part on, Thursday, May 7 - 105 min
Practical Part on Thursday, May 7 - 300 min


Target audience

Recommended for senior residents and physicians in sub-specialty training.


Main specialty of the event

The course offers the basics in clinical diagnostics, treatment and follow-up. The focus is on state-of-the-art surgical techniques.


Educational needs

Starts with clinical anatomy. Based on expressed needs by participants of previous courses and events (evaluations), residents and physicians in training request and appreciate "hands-on" workshops, explanations of experts, the exchange with a variety of faculty as well as discussions with peers about clinical cases.


Expected educational outcomes

Consolidate the knowledge of classifications and most useful approaches. increase the spectrum of skills dealing with standard surgeries. Learning tips and tricks (alternatively: handy hints) in applying techniques and conducting operations. 


Nature of the event

Standard procedures and interesting cases are introduced in lectures and contain case studies and discussions. After that, a cad lab workshop follows the theoretical sessions. Each approach is usually explained by a corresponding educational video explained by a faculty member.


Methods to promote active learning

Multimedia presentations; time for question & answer sessions and discussion; cadaver workshop with helpful hints shown by faculty members. 


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