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Paulista School of Medicine – Federal University of São Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Foot and Ankle Group
Fellowship Director: Dr. Tania Szejnfeld Mann (MD, Ph.D.)
Short time resident visit
Resident and scientific fellowship

The Paulista School of Medicine - Federal University of São Paulo has a Foot and Ankle Group composed of eleven senior foot and ankle surgeons, six foot and ankle surgeons as guest members, three orthopedics and traumatology surgeons specializing in foot and ankle surgery and three residents in orthopedics and traumatology training rotating between different orthopedic specialties. The group is part of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department of the University, that includes children orthopedic disorders, foot and ankle, hand and wrist, hip, trauma, reconstruction, knee, shoulder and elbow, spine and sports surgery.

The foot and ankle group started in the year of 1981 and began to receive fellows for training in 1991. We have capacitated around 80 foot and ankle surgeons among these last 30 years. The clinic and surgical activities are executed at public healthcare hospitals – São Paulo University Hospital and other satellite hospitals such as Diadema Municipal Hospital and Barueri Municipal Hospital, along with other private hospitals in the metropolitan area. Through the year of 2018 were performed 7884 medical consultations and 863 surgeries.

The outpatient facilities are segmented in diabetic foot and ankle care, general adult foot and ankle care, rheumatic foot and ankle care and sports foot and ankle care. The scientific meetings include weekly foot and ankle classes, weekly case discussions, weekly orthopedics and traumatology reunions with all department and monthly radiological themed reunions together with the radiology department. This provides the fellows a huge amount of scientific learning, daily clinical work and surgery experience in a plethora of foot and ankle disorders.

Moreover, we also offer plenty scientific opportunities at the university environment. Our current major areas of research are plantar plate, Achilles tendon reconstruction, complex ankle fractures, deltoid ligament, ankle arthroscopy, weight-bearing CT, shock wave therapy and ankle replacement.

We are honored to receive resident visits and scientific fellows at our Group. We are certain that this knowledge exchange is extremely beneficial to the students, to our department, and, most important, to the patient who will receive a better care.

Foot and Ankle Group
Orthopedics and Traumatology Department
Paulista School of Medicine
Federal University of Sao Paulo


715 Napoleao de Barros St
1st floor
Vila Clementino
Sao Paulo – SP 04024-002

Fellowship Director:
Dr. Tania Szejnfeld Mann (MD, Ph.D.) 
Escola Paulista de Medicina – UNIFESP

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