IBRA Scholarship Program

Goal of the IBRA Scholarship Program

The main goal of the IBRA Scholarship Program is to promote individual career development by providing financial support for clinical training and for research. Scholars have the first-hand opportunity to exchange experiences with renowned clinicians in IBRA Training Centers.
IBRA Training Centers have been selectively chosen for their ability to provide a broad clinical experience in the treatment of patients whilst promoting exemplary research.

All IBRA training centers can be found here.

Professional requirements for receiving support

  • Medical license (MD or a DMD diploma or the equivalent).
  • At least two years' postgraduate training or clinical experience in orthopedic or trauma surgery
  • Candidate must be fluent in English (Cambridge B2 or equivalent) or have sound knowledge of the local language of the desired IBRA Training Center
  • No specific age limit (preference is given to younger colleagues)
  • For the programs B and C the applicant must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:
    1) Applicant is an IBRA Full Member or IBRA Premium Member (can be indicated in the application form)

    2) Recommendation letter of an IBRA Full Member or Fellowship Director of any IBRA Training Center.
        (The applicant must be  known to the IBRA member or Fellowship Director.)

    3) Applicant is working in one of the IBRA Training Centers: Confirmation letter from the Training Center's
        Fellowship Director must be included with the application

    4) Applicant Has participated at an IBRA on site course within the last 5 years (course certificate must be
        submitted with the application)


Application Deadline

The deadline for all scholarship applications is January 31st each year.

Scholarship application process
  1. Candidates submit all required application documents to the IBRA Administration Office until the application deadline of January 31. Candidates who do not meet the requirements will be rejected directly by the IBRA Administration Office. Incomplete applications will not be processed further.

  2. The respective Research & Education Committee evaluates all applications received by the application deadline of January 31.

  3. The IBRA Administration Office informs all candidates about the Research & Education Committee’s decision.

  4. Candidates who have received funding must then contact the IBRA Training Centers indicated on the application form according to the priority given. The following documents, must be sent with the request to the Fellowship Director of the Training Center:
    - CV
    - Confirmation letter of funding from IBRA
    - Research Project (only program C)

  5. The confirmation of the IBRA Training Center must be sent to the IBRA Administration Office. The acknowledgement should state the agreed scholarship period and for Program C also the research project that will be worked on during the scholarship. The acknowledgement must be duly signed by the Fellowship Director.

    The IBRA Administration Office will then take care of the payment of the funds according to the IBRA scholarship terms and conditions.

    Please note: For Program C, the candidate will need to ensure that
    the research project submitted with the application can be completed
    at the chosen Training Center. In exceptional cases, the project can be
    changed in consultation with the IBRA Administration Office and the
    IBRA Research & Education Committee.


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