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IBRA Advanced Course

Advanced Fixation Concepts of the Hand and Wrist

Course is canceled
Date: Sunday, June 26, 2022 14:01 – Monday, June 27, 2022 14:01
Division: Upper Limbs
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Language: English
Level: Advanced/Fellow
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Dr. Gregory Rafijah, Irvine, CA, USA

Faculty (in alphabetical order):
Michael W. Kessler, Washington, DC
Rames Mattar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gregory Rafijah, Irvine, CA
Marc Richard, Durham, NC
Ryan Rose, San Antonio, TX
Daniel Osei, New York, NY
Registration Fees
  Seminar & Workshop Seminar only
IBRA Full-Member USD 320 USD 65
Non-Member, Basic-Member USD 640 USD 130
Resident   USD 110

Target audience

Recommended for fellows and attending physicians/consultants.

Main specialty of the event

Starting with the classification of the injury or deformity, the faculty members share their preferred approach, treatment, and follow-up of cases with advanced difficulty.

Educational needs

Dealing with challenging fractures and deformities, consultants request exchange through case discussions both theoretically and through surgeries. Beside state-of-the-art approaches, expert opinions and discussions are highly
appreciated to scientifically elaborate improvements when dealing with difficult cases.

Expected educational outcomes
Extend common knowledge and skills and awareness of surgical techniques by exchanging less frequent or demanding cases of orthopedics and traumatology.

Nature of the event
The course offers ideal conditions for the introduction and consolidation of surgery techniques. Participants learn about current treatment concepts as well as new techniques on internal fixation. On the first day, experienced surgeons provide a theoretical insight into therapy concepts and will focus on clinical anatomy, fracture classification, approaches and last but not least, many case discussions. The workshop on day two permits the attendees to apply the gained skills on fresh specimens under directed instruction.

Methods to promote active learning
Multimedia presentations; time for question & answer sessions and discussion; cadaver workshop with helpful hints shown by faculty members.

Sunshine Act Reporting
In compliance with federal and state laws, including the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, all attendee meeting expenses will be reported to the U.S. government as in-kind payment such as course fees (shuttle, actual cost of meals). AdvaMed guidelines also prohibit spouses or guests from participating in dinners and/or meal functions.

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