IBRA Institute opens in Basel – an innovative Hub for training, medical education and research

Thursday, August 24, 2023
IBRA Institute opens in Basel – an innovative Hub for training, medical education and research

The long-awaited "IBRA Institute" at the IBRA headquarters in Basel was officially inaugurated today, August 24, 2023, offering surgeons and industry partners the opportunity for real-life training conditions in dry and wet lab laboratories.


A Hub of Innovation and Learning: Elevating Medical Expertise

With an expansive area of 870 square metres, the new bioskills laboratory is designed to provide an immersive, practical, and cutting-edge environment for healthcare professionals and students alike. Two X-ray rooms featuring radiolucent surgical stations, a CT room, and a prep area facilitate advanced diagnostic and procedural training. Thanks to dedicated R&D facilities as well as a film studio for recording and live broadcasting, the IBRA Institute is primed to support a myriad of educational and research endeavors for up to 80 participants.


José Manuel Vázquez, Executive Director commented: “This state-of-the-art facility is a testament to our commitment to hands-on learning and skills development. It is a place where knowledge is put into practice and where theory and technology merge seamlessly.”

Pursuing Global Excellence Through Practical Training
Furthering its commitment to advancing medical education and research, the recently inaugurated IBRA Institute stands as a beacon of innovation and learning. In response to the rapidly evolving medical landscape, IBRA recognizes the importance of agility and responsiveness to global demands for specialized continuing education. A recent survey of over 700 IBRA members underscored the critical need for practical training, supporting the establishment of this cutting-edge training facility. The new bioskills laboratory in Basel represents a logical progression in course development and content expansion. Additionally, the facility's reach extends beyond borders, offering access to anatomical workshops for regions where such resources are scarce or restricted. This milestone ensures that IBRA's offerings are aligned with the evolving needs of healthcare providers, fostering excellence in practice, research, and education.
Tailored Excellence: Services for Every Objective
At the heart of the IBRA Institute lies the commitment to tailor services to meet the unique objectives and needs of each client. Whether you are a medical professional seeking advanced surgical training or a researcher pushing the boundaries of orthopedic science, the IBRA Institute’s offerings are carefully curated to align with your aspirations.
Embracing the Future of Medical Excellence
Join us in celebrating this remarkable occasion as we continue to shape the future of continuing medical education through strategic implementation, international expansion, scholarly engagement, and cultivating friendships across borders. Visit www.institute.ibra.net to learn more and embark on a transformative educational experience.

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