IBRA (the International Bone Research Association) is a financially independent, internationally oriented non-profit organisation, for specialised clinicians and research scientists. IBRA’s core activity is the future-oriented advancement of bone- tissue research and management focusing particularly on:

  • Maxillofacial and orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Surgical procedures and clinical management
  • Materials research including hardware development
  • Biomechanics
  • Osteointegration, bone generation, soft-tissue reaction and bone biology
  • Tissue engineering

Ideas and know-how from science and industry in the fields of research, development and education associate within the IBRA through networking and without interest in financial gain. This provides an excellent base of expertise for ground-breaking innovation.

IBRA membership is open to all clinicians and research scientists in the field of bone and tissue management. For details please refer to » Membership

The IBRA offers financial support for research projects. With the emphasis on innovation and suitability for practical application, 95% of the research budget goes towards applied research and clinical studies and 5% towards basic research.
For details, please refer to » Research

IBRA’s education program offers clinicians special courses on the application of specific methods of treatment. It ’s particular concern is to train tomorrow’s highly qualified research scientists. Courses on planning, conducting and publishing scientific studies and projects are organised for this target group.
For details, please refer to » Education

Articles of the IBRA 09.12.2016 (english version)
Statuten der IBRA 09.12.2016 (deutsche Fassung)


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