About us

IBRA – an international transdisciplinary network in continuing medical education and research

The International Bone Research Association (IBRA) is an internationally oriented non-profit organization 
for specialized clinicians and research scientists.

Our core activities are medical courses on various levels and multinational symposia, scholarship programs, and research projects focusing on:

  • clinical management (traumatology and orthopedic surgery)
  • materials research including hardware development
  • biomechanics and engineering

Our emphasis is primarily on:

  • Head
  • Upper Limbs
  • Lower Limbs

Continuing Medical Education

IBRA offers a variety of educational events around the globe, which are headed by a multinational faculty. Examples include:

  • level-oriented medical education courses
  • practical surgical workshops
  • national and international congresses and symposia
  • webinars


IBRA Membership

Members of IBRA have privileged access to materials and courses in topics related to bone and tissue management and are offered opportunities for their individual career development.
For information on our membership options, please refer to » Membership

IBRA Scholarship Program 

The main goal of the IBRA Scholarship Program is to promote individual career development by providing financial support for clinical training and for research. IBRA Training Centers have been selectively chosen for their ability to provide a broad clinical experience in the treatment of patients whilst promoting exemplary research.
For details, please refer to » Scholarship


IBRA Research Grants 

The IBRA offers financial support for research projects. With the emphasis on innovation and suitability for practical application, the research budget goes towards applied research and clinical studies.
For details, please refer to » Research

Articles of the IBRA in English and German 

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