Lower Limbs

Instituto Vita
Department of Foot & Ankle Surgery

São Paulo, Brazil

Fellowship Director: Professor Mauro Dinato, MD., PhD.
Short time resident visit
Resident and scientific fellowship

INSTITUTO VITA acts as a partner of the private clinics VITA ORTOPEDIA (orthopedic and craniomaxillofacial surgery clinic) and VITA CARE (physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic). The main focus is sports medicine, and degenerative conditions comprise a good part of the practice. Although trauma is not the main area, it is also covered in VITA-associated services.


In 2000, VITA was founded. From the beginning, the concept of the clinic was teamwork, integrating orthopedic specialties with the work of radiology, anesthesia and physiotherapy. Vita bet on two great differentials: valuing the strengthening of the group instead of a clinic centered on a single name, and offering a complete solution with the aim of achieving excellent results. Throughout its history, VITA has selected and developed a team of highly specialized orthopedic doctors connected to the forefront of knowledge, integrated with a complete team of rehabilitation professionals (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy and postural correction, hydrotherapy and physical preparation).


VITA's service in orthopedics is comprehensive and individualized. The specialty aims to prevent and treat injuries and assist in the patient's physical rehabilitation. Medical follow-up is continuous and multidisciplinary. Nowadays, VITA offers capillarity in the city of São Paulo, with 9 units, where more than 40 surgeons and more than 80 physiotherapists that work together to deliver the best clinical care for the patients. The medical team covers diverse subspeciality areas: orthopedic trauma, craniomaxillofacial, shoulder, elbow, spine, hand and wrist, microsurgery, hip, knee, foot and ankle, pediatric oncology, and pediatric orthopaedics.


INSTITUTO VITA is a Brazilian non-profit organization founded in 2004 by VITA’s orthopedic and craniomaxillofacial surgeons, physiotherapists and physical trainers that promotes excellence in health care for athletes through Orthopedic Assistance, Eduaction and Research. It is located in São Paulo, Brazil. Since the foundation, we have assisted over 4,000 athletes, performed 800 surgeries, 15,000 clinical visits, 60,000 rehabilitation sessions and has trained 80 surgeons.


As an acknowledged reference center in Latin American on those pillars, INSTITUTO VITA seeks partners that pursuit the same excellence and science improvement principles to enhance patient care best interests. Our mission is to provide free specialized musculoskeletal care to underprivileged high-performance athletes and foster scientific research and medical education to deliver high standard practice in healthcare. As our vision, we would like to consolidate as a Latin American reference center in musculoskeletal care, education, and research.  

Our main activities are:
  • Free orthopedic assistance in all subspecialties;
  • Sport-specific injury prevention program;
  • Promotion of high-performance national sport and healthy sports practice as a form of social inclusion and human development;
  • Scientific improvement in research and evaluations;
  • Comprehensive dissemination of knowledge about prevention, rehabilitation and orthopedic intervention.

The RESEARCH projects are focused on Biomechanics, Isokinetic assessment, innovative treatment protocols and minimal invasive techniques.

Fellowship, Observership, Post-graduation and continuing education are included in our EDUCATION section.

Instituto Vita also provide free of charge Athletes’ ASSISTANCE, focusing on Orthopedic services, MRI and X-ray scans and Rehabilitation.


The Department of Foot&Ankle Surgery counts on 5 lead surgeons: Dr Mauro Dinato, Dr Márcio Freitas, Dr Miguel Viana, Dra Tatiana Santos, and Dr Gustavo Sato.


Please be in contact with the Fellowship Director of the Lower Limbs program and he will coordinate the best way to address your interests in a specific area. 


Praça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa, Portão 1, 05653-070, Morumbi, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Tel/Fax: +55 11 3123-8482
ensino@institutovita.org.br; http://institutovita.org.br/
Lower Limbs Fellowship Director:
Prof. Dr. Mauro Cesar Mattos e Dinato
Medical Director – Department of Foot&Ankle Surgery
Phone: +55 11 98127-1115

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