Continuing Medical Education

IBRA offers a variety of educational events around the globe, which are headed by a multinational faculty.
Examples include:
• level-oriented medical education courses
• practical surgical workshops
• national and international congresses and symposia
• webinars

Course composition: Resident – Advanced – Master
IBRA offers a variety of course levels for surgeons in different stages of their career:





Resident Courses Advanced Courses Master Courses

Target audience
Recommended for senior residents and physicians in sub-speciality

Main speciality
The course offers the basics in
clinical diagnostics, treatment and
follow-up. The focus is on state-
of-the-art surgical techniques.

Learning state-of-the-art

Target audience
Recommended for fellows,
attendings / consultants

Main speciality
The faculty members first
classify the injury or deformity,
and then share their preferred approach, treatment, and
follow-up of cases with
advanced levels of difficulty

Handling challenging cases

Target audience
Recommended for
senior surgeons and department

Main speciality
An interactive seminar and hands-on workshop, addressing trauma
and reconstruction with representative
cases and discussions. The international
faculty presents the latest innovations,
and provides an opportunity
to exchange experiences with
the participating senior surgeons.

Re-thinking good practices, 
promoting improvements


Professional requirements for participation
The courses are open to all working in the field of bone science, as expressed in the objectives of IBRA. There are no specific requirements for participation, although it is advisable that the candidate should have a MD or DMD diploma or the equivalent.

Schedules and Registration
For course details, schedules and online registration see  » IBRA Events.

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