IBRA Education Program

IBRA offers special courses to introduce clinicians to specific treatment methods. The goal of these courses is to provide clinicians with useful information on bone surgery in order to improve their clinical skills.

Structure of the IBRA courses
The courses offer the basics in clinical diagnostics, treatment and follow-up generally focusing on bone surgery. The core of each course deals with state-of-the-art surgical techniques respecting the given education level of the attendees (Basic, Advanced or Master). Currently, IBRA activity focuses on three fields (“Head” Division, “Limbs” Division and "Foot and Ankle" Division). Courses will be separately organized for each division.

Professional requirements for participation

The courses are open to all working in the field of bone science, as expressed in the objectives of IBRA. There are no specific requirements for participation, although it is advisable that the candidate should have a MD or DMD diploma or the equivalent.

Schedules and Registration
For course details, schedules and online registration see "IBRA Events".

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