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Beside hands-on trainings and other life events, IBRA provides e-learning materials through its Virtual Campus. 
Materials available include a growing number of recorded webinars, webcasts, and online courses as well as a library of scientific articles, case discussions and instructional videos. Some of the materials will be CME accredited in the near future, as such providing points for successful participation.

The access to the Virtual Campus is for IBRA Members only, via our Member Area, allowing communication in a familiar and secure environment.

If you are not yet an IBRA Member, you can register for our free Basic Membership.


Scientific Articles &                       Virtual Courses, Webcasts &                     Instructional Videos &
Other Resources                            Webinars                                                         Recordings

Our growing library                         Wide range of training courses led              Our Instructional Videos offer
offers resources for                         by our expert faculty. Courses range          recorded surgeries with 
further medical education.            from short webinars and webcasts             commentary from our expert
                                                            to complex courses with multiple                faculty.

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