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For more than 25 years, Hologic Medicor has been supplying the German-speaking European market with high-quality medical technology products and as a global leader in women’s health, offers options for screening, detection, and treatment that provide a continuum of healthcare solutions for women. 

Just as we are leading the way in women’s heath imaging, we are raising the bar in skeletal health imaging. Hologic's product range with DXA and Mini C Arm Systems in the field of skeletal health solutions is unique regarding quality and orientation and we are committed to addressing the continuum of skeletal health care, from the operating room to in-office imaging.

As a pioneer in X-ray based bone densitometry, Hologic takes advanced health assessment to a new level with there DXA System´s.



Geistlich Surgery, a business unit of Geistlich Pharma AG, produces innovative bio-derived products for bone and cartilage, including Chondro-Gide®, Orthoss®, and Orthoss Collagen®.  Headquartered in Switzerland and family owned since 1851, the company develops and markets medical devices for regenerative medicine and pharmaceuticals. From research and development to marketing, our operations are fully integrated under one roof, which enables us to oversee and optimize all levels of our business.


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