IBRA Membership

Members of IBRA have privileged access to materials and courses in topics related to bone and tissue management and are offered opportunities for their individual career development.


IBRA Basic Membership – the gateway to the IBRA affiliation.

All healthcare professionals in orthopedics and/or traumatology can join IBRA as IBRA Basic Member. Basic membership is free of charge and offers regular updates on IBRA events, access to our virtual learning platform, the IBRA Virtual Campus, with an increasing number of documents, presentations, recorded webinars, event pictures, and contact options to others members.

Basic Membership Registration


IBRA Full Membership – benefits for regular course participants.

Beside the privileges of being basic member, IBRA Full Members have access to all IBRA courses at a significantly reduced course fee (50 percent deduction). For that purpose, only surgeons can enter this membership level. In addition, IBRA Full Members constitute the “voting body” of the IBRA General Assembly.
The standard rate for a full membership is CHF 150 per year. For
low-income countries and lower-middle income countries  the member fee is CHF 100 per year.

Full Membership Registration


If you are already an IBRA Basic Member and wish to upgrade to IBRA Full Membership you do not need to fill out the membership registration from. Just send us your CV in English to info@ibra.net.


IBRA Premium Membership

Premium Membership is offered for surgeons who joined at least once our faculty or become board members. It includes all benefits of Basic and Full Membership and is lifetime free of charge.

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